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Foil "Punched out"

Foil "Punched out"

Foil "Punched out"

Artikelnummer: 49425000

Shine and glitter - this extraordinary "blossoms" foil can be used for some impressive decorations with cool iridescent effects. The 35 my vinyl foil is made of punched-out blossoms on one side and is a great eyecatcher for a number of decorations such as presentation areas, covering walls or floors in shop windows, as frosty table decoration, party decor with icy effects or for costumes and carnivals. The foil adds the perfect ingredient for any sophisticated design - attention ! The decorative foil is flame retardant and is ideal for exhibitions, events and other public functions. Please note: due to technical reasons, if you order at least 9 m you receive rolled goods of 9.2 m per roll. Prijs per meter! 

  • Dimensions: width 90 cm
  • colour: iridescent white


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