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Kindertorso 3-5 Jaar

Kindertorso 3-5 Jaar

Kindertorso 3-5 Jaar

Artikelnummer: 67324214

The child mannequins are made of robust and durable plastic and perfectly embody the current fashion trends thanks to their perfectly structured build quality. They can be clothed more easily than conventional torsos thanks to the rounded shoulders and long legs. The varnished figures are self-standing and feature openings for backs, necks and legs, which makes them compatible with metal ( niet inbegrepen in deze prijs! los te bestellen: 67323500 ) stands and hanging suspensions. Suitable stands can be found in our accessories. Comes with a metal block, price per piece

  • Colour: white
  • Variants: 3/5 years
  • height: height 58 cm


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